XADADA: hey, linux, let's fly high and free!

Native Linux

  • XADADA - Linux distribution for the portable mobile devices such as tablets and mediaplayers

Allwinner AXX / ARMv7hf

  • Main platform for XADADA system is Allwinner AXX system-on-chip devices family
  • All packages compiled for XADADA can be used in Void Linux for any ARMv7hf-compatible platform


  • XADADA is using 2-step initialization system, without any of systemd tails


  • Out-of-the-box XADADA installation image contains DWM-based window manager, virtual on-screen keyboard and a set of useful scripts, which could help to organize a convenient workspace on tablet-alike devices for IT-professional


  • System is oriented on a simplicity and efficiency
  • System is built on a classic scheme keep it simple, stupid